Hotel Reasons to choose us



It is the ideal location if you dream of Venice, of the most beautiful Adriatic beaches in Northern Italy 
or of the most desired destinations in the Dolomites mountains, and if you are looking for a comfortable and convenient solution,  but without sacrificing elegance, courtesy and tranquility.

This is a place in which the Art of Hospitality is a thousands years tradition. Located in one of the most beautiful medieval hamlet in Italy, listed among Unesco World Heritage, Sesto al Reghena shows an unique charm.


It is the right choice if you are a business traveller and are looking for a quiet place,
 easily accessible, well positioned few minutes far from major commercial and industrial areas  of the territory, with superior comfort and every facility for those who are used to travel, but like feeling at home.

A flowered inner court leads from Hotel In Sylvis to the Abate Ermanno Restaurant, where one is easily seduced by the discovery of the elegant simplicity and richness of flavours and tastes firmly rooted in our authentic ancient culinary and wine making local tradition.