Hotel Service quality Services for sports travellers

For many years the In Sylvis Hotel and Abate Ermanno Restaurant have been a reference point for sports teams coming to play in the area in a wide variety of sports, such as footbal, futsalvolleyball, basketball, bicycling, equestrian sports and more

Our long experience in catering to the needs of sportsmen in diverse fields and categories, ranging from National teams, the Premiere Series and Pro Leagues, to the local level, ensures we are unrivaled in our ability to meet our clients needs.

The peaceful setting of the hotel immersed in greenery is perfectly suited to the athletes need for quiet concentration.

We offer highly preferential rates for our sports guests which are in line with the demands of this particular market, which we are particularly familiar with.

Some of the services we offer:

- Complete room and board package including a sports menu for the players/team and menu of choice for the staff

- Express service (pre-game lunch in 25 minutes)

- Pack lunch for the return trip upon request

- Flexible time of service

- Conference room equiped with audiovisuals for pre-game strategy meetings

- Availability of a massage bed in the players room

- Possibility to watch the Championship live in the room or in the social areas on a wide screen

- A natural grass covered football field within walking distance of the Hotel



Please, call for quotation at your convenience when convenient. We will be honoured to offer you our hospitality and cater to your every need!