Weddings Wedding Menu example



Welcome appetizer 

with Prosecco wine, soft drinks and mixed home-made snacks of our Chef


Horse d'oeuvres buffet served in our garden around the ancient draw-well

Lobster with cherry tomatoes

Trio of carpaccio with citrus, croutons and butter curls

Small tuna-fish tartare with slices of fennel and crème fraiche

Basket of king prawns with chicory in Aurora sauce

Warm cuttelfish and octopus salad with celery

Crabs in oil and lemon sauce

Tuna-fish carpaccio

Squill in oil and lemon sauce with parsley

Beef cold cut with balsamic vinegar

Turkey slices with red currant gelatine

Bresaola from Valtellina

San Daniele cold cut and melon 

 Wines: Friulano La Viarte

Pinot Nero Jermann

...served dishes...


Ravioli of fresh home-made pasta filled up with sea bass

Risotto with shrimps tail and courgettes

Wines: Friulano Lis Fadis

Cabernet La Viarte


Sorbet with pear and Calvados

Monkfish with chives and vegetables ratatouille

Cannoli di spigola gratinati con patate Duchessa
Wines: Chardonnay Felluga

Refosco Moschioni


Wedding Cake

Wine: Picolit Felluga


Fresh fruits and sugared almone buffet

Mineral water
Coffee and home made little biscuits